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Hi all. I know you don't want to read too much, but after in the same year of getting married and buying our first house, I was diagnosed with cancer just before christmas. I went through radiotheapy and spinal surgery to remove the tumour from my spinal column.

So I have been out of work for 6 months, so if anyone could help me scrape together a few extra bucks so I can help pay the bills, I would be very grateful.

Here are my commission prices and the types I do:
Commission Prices by AngelCrusher

I can do superheroes, chibis, cartoons styles, or see anything in my gallery you like the look of and I'll do it.
I'm a professional animator and storyboard artist and have been in the industry for 6 years, with a Masters degree in animation. I have worked on feature films, music videos and multiple television series. I have been awarded 4 Daily Deviations (1 joint) and my prices range from $1.50 - $24, and if you want something extra special we can negotiate a price.

Thank you for reading, and I will be extremely grateful for any responses.

Thank you
Steel Wolf Commission by AngelCrusher
Steel Wolf Commission
commission for :iconursamagnus:
of his character Steel Wolf

Commission Prices:
Commission Prices by AngelCrusher

A fun character to draw, and I have seen this guy pop up all over the place, so I feel honoured to have now drawn him. The fact that I've gotten talking to the guy behind the hero these past few weeks has been a pleasure, and he kindly did an AngelCrusher fact file page and commissioned an artist to have the two characters slug it out. Very awesome thing from a very awesome guy.

Check them out here!

Planet AFL Supplemental: AngelCrusher 3015 by UrsaMagnusSteel Wolf #16 cover by UrsaMagnus
*Scroll down to the bottom for the 15 new characters!*

So I have finally uploaded all the characters and costumes that I have made of a host of characters that have appeared in AFL. Scroll down and have a good look.  What's next you ask? I am in the process of writing a story for these characters, and will then film the gameplay so you can watch a computer generated AFL universe with fights and drama right before your very eyes! Stay tuned!

Hey guys!

Last month I showed you something I was messing around with, creating Deviant Art characters who had featured in AFL as created wrestlers in the xbox 360 version of WWE 2k14. You can view my first attempts here:
AFL vs WWEThis journal is just a bit of fun. I have been messing around playing WWE 2k14 (yeh, the old version), and playing around with the create a character mode.
I always find this mode a good way to tweak AngelCrusher's designs, or see what works in a more realistic way, and I was thinking to myself, 'Could I create other characters in this game? Could I create an AFL roster?'
I set myself two relatively easy subjects to create within the game to get myself started, and so I picked on :iconritualist: and :iconkostmeyer: of their AFL legends Ritualist and Vigil. 


Here he is in all his glory. I can't tell you how pleased I was when these games brought in the two tone pants so I could recreate AC's look. Each character can have upto 4 different designs, as well as 3 different designs within each look (for fighting, walking down the ring, and being backstage). Here I have the original

So...I have gone further.

A lot further...

So I think I will keep this journal dedicated to those create a characters and keep updating it as I make more. I haven't got many slots available for characters left, but I am closing in on my target of 50 characters. In no particular order, I'll show you which I have done.

And the alternate costumes...there is too many to list like I did last time, but hopefully the creators of the characters will dig the little extras I've added. Hopefully everyone else remembers what these characters look like too without the need of me posting loads of reference thumbs (visit their pages to check them out!)

Anyway, this has really got me in the spirit of dA again. I've even created an AFL arena and have watched some of these guys fight against each other controlled by the computer AI just for fun. When I complete the roster, I'll make some videos and show them to you. Hope people don't mind me creating their characters like this. More to come when I take the pictures soon! :)

(apologies for poor quality photos)

:iconangelcrusher: AngelCrusher
Ac 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconritualist: Ritualist
Ritualist 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconkostmeyer: Vigil
Vigil 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconshitforbrainschan: Deet Girl
Deetgirl 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:icongregatron: The Flook
Flook 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconchumeng: - Hinotori
Hinotori 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:kenpudiosaki: Kenpudiosaki 
Kenpudiosaki 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconashlore: Krod
Krod 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconcheeky-lil-phoenix: Leigh Kusanagi
Leigh 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconhulkdaddyg: R.A.S.
Ras 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:icongaston25: Silver Saber
Silversaber 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:icontbpow: - T.B.
Tb 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconjakester2008: Tropical Thunder
Tt 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconrodcom1000: Vector
Vector 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconspeedslide: Virtus
Virtus 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconmadmonkeydane: Wildman
Wildman 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconangus-nitro: Angus Nitro

:icongpapanto: Barfly

:iconcatzcc: Catz

:icon310: Creature

:iconbug-off: Diago

:iconqueenbex: Eric Frizelli

:iconenigmaticempress: Eve

:iconlulzyrobot: Irony

:iconcalvin228: Joe Hero

:iconlovgreno: Lytin Thura

:iconangiepk: Maverick

:iconzanamaru: Silver Spectre

:iconcartoonray: UberMonkey

:iconthemonsterfink: Watchmacallit

:iconvelthice: Xinivrae

:icongale01: Cell
Cell 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconcherryhobbit: Dandy Jane
Dandyjane 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconwesleyriot: Deckar
Deckar 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconoldmanrupee: Dirk Orbman
Dirkorbman 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:icondan-sch: The Fowl
Fowl 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconslowvodka: Kumo
Kumo 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconmacabremoe: Plaid Wonder
Plaidwonder 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconloura: Ragdoll
Ragdoll 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconhalquinsmirks: Ripline Q
Riplineq 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconwizburf: Super Sans Colette
Supersanscolette 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconangelcrusher: AngelCrusher Boss
Ac Boss 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconjavipascual213: - Demonita
Demonita 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconangelcrusher: - Dina Mite
Dinamite 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconpdink: - Eclipse
Eclipse 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconjebriodo: - Fisticuff
Fisticuff 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconalecyl: - Hel
Hel 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconanimecartoon: - Hinataru
Hinataru 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconclockwerksoul: - Melody
Melody 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconmangaangel: - PowerStar
Powerstar 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconmarkdobson: - Raggedy Ann
Raggedann 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:icongenekelly: - Rocket
Rocket 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconangelcrusher: - Simone
Simone 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconhaymaker-studios: - Taylor Washington
Taylorwashington 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconxt09: - Trigger
Trigger 2k14 by AngelCrusher

:iconangelcrusher: - Zerkov
Zerkov 2k14 by AngelCrusher

Complete for now!
That's 56 characters altogether from deviantArt - 51 of those are AFL competitors with an extra 14 characters that are 'unlockable' costumes. In total, I have made then 65 of your characters, and 165 different costumes!

Who says AFL isn't the best there is eh? 
The Excellence by AngelCrusher
The Excellence
From the Character Mentor Commission
for :iconclockwerksoul:
Slick Breeze Character Mentor by AngelCrusher

I liked the design so much that I wanted to submit it on it's own. While I said I wasn't sure on the jacket when I designed it, it actually grew on me and I wasn't sure which version to post, but went with the jacketless version in the end.

This is actually a £15 commission, but since I had already drawn it before, it saved a lot of time doing the character mentor.
Commission Prices by AngelCrusher

Commissions are still open.
Slick Breeze Character Mentor by AngelCrusher
Slick Breeze Character Mentor
$16 Commission for :iconclockwerksoul:

Asked to redesign his character 'Slick Breeze' and look into his backstory.

I was asked to make the design inspired by the Hart Foundation from the WWE. I had real fun with this one, being a Bret Hart fan myself. I think the original pink design was ok, it was sort of a tweaked version of his first costume, just pink with a jacket thrown on, and looked very much like a wrestler. I wanted to put the superhero 'wow' factor back in while having the same theme. While Bret Hart was known for wearing combinations of white, pink and black, I thought a black outfit would suit a modern day superhero who wants to be cool and gain fans across the world. It's a little more hollywood, while the other could too in your face.

I looked into the backstory as well, and the way it was described to me and the suggestion of the name change, I thought it absolutely made sense to change the character to 'The Excellence'. A cocky, fame hungry superhero sounds like fun, so I tried to give ideas on how it could work, while also giving the character some flaws.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this piece. Since I had already drawn the character before it made it a little easier, and designing a costume inspired by Bret Hart, one of my wrestling heroes was good fun.

Thanks again!
There was some controversy and disagreement with the idea of eliminating fighters who did not draw their first fights, and people unaware that if they failed to draw a fight in any round that they would then be eliminated. The fact that this was not written in the rules was an oversight and I, on the behalf of :iconmja42x: will apologize. It should have been made clear, and not assumed. 

While we will make allowances this one time as it was a mistake on our behalf, I want to try explain the reasoning behind the rule, so hopefully you will see where we are coming from. Hopefully it inspires you to submit anything within the time limit, to find whatever time you have early morning, late at night or on the weekend, just to make some progress with your entry, to start something early, so then you have a solid foundation to fall back on if you are running out of time.

In AFL, it has long been a rule that if you don't draw the first fight, you progress no further, essentially, eliminated, and the same applies with Planet AFL. The differences with this set-up is the bi-weekly deadlines - and because of these deadlines, the whole 'catch-up system' doesn't work as it did in previous AFLs. Before, you could literally not draw anything for 3 weeks, then blast through 5 fights in the last week, playing catch up, as long as you drew something, you were rewarded with a fight.

But that is the way it has always been, every artist is expected to draw. You sign up to draw fights and see your opponent draw your character. If you're running out of time, post something, anything. While I am not particularly fond of rushed entries, and I know even though people are given a long 2 week deadline as opposed to 30 days to draw as much as possible like before, people will still only think of drawing the final 2 days of that deadline. I don't want people to be post artwork that they are ashamed of, even though I say post anything, but that's what scraps are for, and you can always go back and tidy things up or delete it at a later date.

However, if we don't punish those who don't draw, then we are letting them get off lightly, while the people who do draw as the ones getting punished, as they are the ones not receiving fanart. The ones who don't draw get comics of their character without doing anything. It's a cynical outlook, but I have been in tournaments or art trade exchanges, I have held multiple tournaments, and I know there's no guarantee that they will draw in round 2, or round 3 etc. The cynic in me thinks if we let someone go, they could go the entire tournament without drawing anything, all the while receiving fanart of their character.

We had people quit this round because they couldn't meet the deadline. If we don't kick people out for doing the same, then those people didnt need to quit in the first place. They could complain about being let back in. If we allow those to not draw for round 1, then we may as well have not had a deadline for the sign up for the competition, and we have had to turn away a lot of people who heard about the tournament late on. It means that anyone could sign up at any time in the tournament if meeting a drawing deadline was no longer important, if the idea of competition was no longer important.

Is there a fair way to do this? Probably not to keep everyone happy. The rules should have stated early on, and that was an oversight, but I guess in this competition setting, it's just expected. If you don't draw, why should you be allowed to continue? It's contentious, and I understand what people are saying. 

Myself and :iconmja42x: have extensively discussed this rule. We have considered changing it, bowing to pressure, to want to see more from the artists eliminated, but we have to be strong with the decisions as if we allow people to have a second chance, then that opens the door for anyone. It means if you dont feel like drawing round 2, you dont have to, because you know you will still be in round 3, or 4, or 5...

Maybe it's cynical thinking, but I have done a lot of these tournaments with a lot of dropouts. I just think it's unfair to those who are facing someone who doesn't draw their part of the fight, as that's one less piece of fanart they will receive, which could dishearten them into continuing with the tournament. Just think, how would you feel if you were on the receiving end, or if you saw someone do that more than once while you and others are working hard?

When I think like that, I think the decision we originally made was for the best, or had the best intentions at heart, an moving forward I hope others can agree or at least see to that side of the argument.


Leigh Way
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Welsh professional storyboard artist and animator with an MA degree in Animation.


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